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Properties within the City of Fort Bragg are regulated by one of two development codes depending on whether a property is located within or outside the Coastal Zone. In general, properties in the City which are within the Coastal Zone are located west of Main Street (Hwy 1), and south of Walnut Street.

  • For properties within the Coastal Zone, please consult the Coastal Land Use and Development Code (CLUDC), also known as Fort Bragg Municipal Code (FBMC) Chapter 17.
  • For properties outside the Coastal Zone. please consult the Inland Land Use and Development Code (ILUDC), FBMC Chapter 18.

The City's brochures and forms are listed in the side bar at right and below. If you have questions about which development codes apply to your property, please contact the Community Development Department, at 707-961-2827, ext. 110, and ask for zoning and permitting information.

In order to determine the zoning of a particular property please look at the Zoning Map (PDF).

Review the Pre-Application Checklist (DOC) for a list of potential permits and fees which may apply as you pursue your new project. Please drop by and see the friendly people at the Community Development Department. We will complete a free over the counter review process of your project (at whatever stage of design you are in). We will explain our process, requirements and any fees that your project may be subject to. It is great to get feedback early even if you are just at the sketch stage of planning your project.

Development Within the Coastal Zone

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